Garbage and Recycling

The county operates a “container” dump site on Airport Road, east of Highway 28. Hours of operation are Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday between 9 am and 4 pm.

In addition, private companies offer in-town garbage pickup for a fee.  You must call the company to arrange for this service. Allied Waste 676-4330

At various times throughout the spring and summer, the Town sponsors “Clean-Up” Days. Brush and yard debris may be dropped off at specific locations and run through a chipper. Chips may be picked up for garden use. Also at times, public works personnel may perform pick-up of various items and transport them to the dumpsite. Call the Town Hall 741-2353 during business hours for scheduled clean-up dates.

Public Works will be picking up unwanted items and disposing of them for residents this spring and summer 2017.

 Clean up/pick up day April 27, 2017.

Please notify us at the Town Hall in advance so we can pick up your unwanted items and not your treasures!

741-2353 during regular business hours Monday through Friday 8-4