The LaRue-Hot Springs Museum is located on Highway 77 east of town.  Thanks to a generous donation of land and facilities from the Harold LaRue family, along with local fundraising, the Museum was founded.

The Museum, which showcases much of early Hot Springs Homesteader Days, is open weekend from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

We hope you will take the opportunity to visit this great tribute to those who settled here in the early days.

Visit the web page for the LaRue-Hot Springs Museum.

The following is a tribute to long-time Montana Cowgirl, Fay Haynes.  Her life and times are featured at the Museum. A book about her amazing life “Fay Haynes-A Cowgirl Star,” written by her niece, Grace Larson, is available for purchase there.

In honor of Fay Haynes, Rodeo Queen, written by Norah Potts

A Star, a Cowgirl, a Rodeo Queen

She turned eighty-nine, this year of twenty-fifteen.

She has been riding horses since she was five years-

Starting with the homestead mare, Dolly with fuzzy ears.


She was inducted in two thousand eleven, to the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame,

She was honored with a living award, she was at the top of her game.

During her lifetime she won awards in barrel racing and pole bending.

Stories of her success were never ending.


She rode her favorite horses, a family tree-

Jule Bar, his son Jumpy Jule, and grandson Breeze, makes three.

She claims it is awful to travel on her feet-

She is looking for a riding horse, gentle and sweet.


Fay Poloson married Bill Haynes in nineteen fifty-one.

Together, breeding their own Quarter Horses had begun.

Her partner and husband died in nineteen seventy-five,

Alone, she continued training others to keep HER SPIRIT alive.


Fay states in twenty fourteen, that she hopes to keep riding, and has no fear,

Of continuing to teach and ride, for at least several more years.

Now her niece, Grace Larson, has written a book about homesteading, and more:

Horse breeding, sheep ranching and remembered tales galore!


Niece Grace and Aunt Fay have visited LaRue Hot Springs Museum this spring.

Fay has donated her trophies, ribbons and pictures, hoping to bring

A sense of LIFE to her stories, to spin our imagination.

Come to the LaRue Hot Springs Museum to get an education.


Come see Fay Haynes-A Cowgirl Star,

Happily riding and competing on Jules Bar.

Treat yourself to one of Grace Larson’s books-

See glimpses of how then, the world looked.

Featured at the LaRue Hot Springs Museum

Beginning Spring of 2015

The Fay Haynes Collection

will be on permanent display.


Visit the LaRue Hot Springs Museum

100 Hot Springs Road

Hot Springs, Montana 59845

406 741-5665 for more information.

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