September Minutes


Town Council Meeting September 5, 2017  Meeting Minutes

CALL TO ORDER by Mayor Woods 7:06 p.m.

ROLL CALL: Present Mayor Woods, Neary, Whitsett, Smith, Adams, Clerk Gray

Also present: Chief of police Stuart Smith, Nina DeCoster, Bonita Ralph, Richard Simmons, Bob Woods, Jeannine Woods, Carolyn Woods, Don Woods, Steven Sheffield, Kath O’Siggins, Lila Trombetta, Donna Redmond, Lloyd Redmond, Janelle Clarke, Nisca Warthen, Maura Williams


APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES: Smith moved to approve minutes of August Meeting, Seconded by Adams,   Pass 4-0

FINANCIAL REPORTS: Smith Moved to approve July Financial report, second by Adams   4-0 pass

PRESENTATION OF CLAIMS: Adams move to Approve claims, second by Smith Mayor Woods explained that the fuel costs were up due to the fire truck that is out on the fire and explained that money will be reimbursed by the State. Electric is up a little because of water use. Industrial Systems is for chlorine and that is about 2 to 3 years of chlorine. Neary asked about porta potty,Woods explained it was the porta potty in the park for a few months in the summer, Swift is the annual fee for the police system. Neary asked about Officer Schwittay- Woods explained that he is on leave of absence and was using his vacation pay. Smith asked about tire bill on Spring Street Auto bill, Woods explained the tires were for the fire truck.



MAYOR Woods reported that the water tank was still in need of repair, that he has been spending a lot of time trying to figure out what to do, talking to the engineers. He also explained that there would be a resolution to reject all bids later in the meeting.

PUBLIC WORKS: Mayor Woods reported that public works has been mapping the culverts and storm drains and working on maintenance logs, they have found some poorly constructed storm drains and are working on a plan to repair or replace some of them, and are still mowing and watering. Ruben is still gone, and water usage is up.

FIRE DEPT: Department of Nat Resources- fire truck is out on a fire, DNRC hires the guys on the truck and they are paid by the State. 1 call, also did emergency services during the fair at the fairgrounds. Ambulance calls are down this month with only about 16 calls.

POLICE: written police report was read to council by officer Smith

COUNCIL: Whitsett commented about the conversation she heard at the dump, and commented on how to dump an upright freezer. She said one dumpster was full of freezers and that kind of thing and the person was told she could not dump her freezer there. Whitsett states she needs clarity from the refuse board on how to deal with this kind of thing.

Neary stated that Big Ben in London will be out for repair so there will be no ringing of the bell… wants to know what happen to the Hot Springs noon bell. Woods explained that the telephone company is working with the town to get the siren repaired.

Whitsett asked about the process of notifying people about their grass being too tall and about citing them for this. She asked about blanket letters going out to people about their lawns. It was explained by the clerk that we only sent notices to people who had lawns that were in violation and that no citation or fines had occurred. Whitsett stated she was sure there was something initiated regarding two properties. Mayor Woods explained there was a written complaint submitted but no action had to be taken because the lawns were taken care of before anything was ever sent from the town.

CLERK: Clerk reported that Liz DeRoche had submitted a letter that she will not be running for council because she is moving, she will still show up on the ballot because she did not withdraw prior to the deadline but that she would not be eligible to be council member. She also withdrew her position on the library board

LIBRARY: written report presented by Nisca Warthen. Reported that Liz DeRoche has resigned her position.


PARKS/RECREATION BOARD: Cover over picnic table is fixed in the park

CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: Leslee Smith reported that the next meeting will be on 9/7/17 at noon at the Sweet Link

ARTIST SOCIETY: Leslee Smith reported that the next meeting will be 9/6/17 6:30 at the Wall Street Place, Still working on juried art show

MUSEUM- nothing

HOT SPRINGS COMMUNITY AWARENESS-Leslee Smith reported that they have closed the facility for the season but the radio station will continue to operate out of the facility





SEWER PROJECT UPDATE- Mayor Woods reported that the project was way over bid and that there were letters received from contractors that wanted to bid but were too busy right now.



RESOLUTION 2018-02R TO REJECT ALL BIDS FOR WASTEWATER SYSTEM IMPROVEMENT PROJECT- Adams – motion to accept resolution to reject all bids seconded by Neary 4-0 pass


OFFICER MARTIN HIRE AS PERMANENT OFFICER: Mayor Woods read recommendation letter from Chief Stuart Smith, Leslee Smith stated she felt Logan Martin is real asset to Hot Springs, very diligent on night shift, Whitsett said she has been hearing good things about him. Motion to hire as permanent by Whitsett, seconded by Smith 4-0 pass


BUDGET APPROVAL- RESOLUTION 2018-01R- Motion to approve final budget by Adams, seconded by Smith Clerk reported that the only change made was that after talking to Magda Nelson with Local Government Services it appears that the $534 tax money for Firemans Relief fund is every other year so that money is an expense for the general fund for this year. 4-0 pass


CONTRACT FOR ANNUAL FINANCIAL REPORT AND END OF YEAR CLOSE OUT- Mayor Woods explained that this was recommended by the state and that she has worked with our auditor so she know what is expected. Motion to Hire Jessica Connelly for contracted services by Smith seconded by Adams 4-0 pass


STILL WATERS PROPERTY REQUEST FOR CULVERT: Richard Simmons was present to explain his plan and need for a 3rd Culvert across Arlee Street. Woods explained that he would like to follow the county permitting guidelines for allowing the culvert, Neary asked if the hot water that was being moved would go on to Springs Street. Simmons explained that it would not, that the water will go across North Rd via existing culvert. Motion by Adams to approve 3rd Culvert seconded by Smith. Smith commented that it should be subject to County work plan, Adams amended his motion to approve the culvert following the guidelines of the county work plan. Amendment seconded by Smith 4-0 pass


STILL WATERS PROPERTY TREE ENCROACHMENT: Richard Simmons explained that he called the county road person and that county claims they own the right of way where the trees are planted. Simmons also explained that he has contacted Missoula Parks and Rec and that they have policies in place that determine who is responsible for care of the trees in the right of way. He stated he would like to present info for the council to look and would like to see more trees and yard maintenance to beautify public spaces. Simmons agrees he is not in compliance but feels there is a larger issue.

Woods explained that we need to check into the county claim that they own the right of way and that if the county does in fact own the right of way it is not an issue for the council to decide. He stated he would like to speak with Bob Zimmerman regarding the issue. Woods stated there are a lot of trees in city right of ways and that there needs to be discussion on who has to take care of the trees. Simmons requested that the town table the issue and do a study to investigate all of the info. Neary asked why this needed to happen on city or county property, why couldn’t it be done on his own property. He referred to the letter sent to Mr. Simmons in May telling him not to plant the trees and then the trees were planted anyways. Mayor Woods also referred to the letter sent to Still Water Properties on May 4th telling them not to plant the trees and explained to Mr. Simmons that he should have started this discussion back in May prior to planting the trees.

Motion was made by Smith to table this issue seconded by Adams 4-0 pass


BOARD OF ADJUSTMENTS: Motion made by Neary to appoint new board of adjustments and put it out for application seconded by Smith 4-0 pass



Mayor Woods reported that the police have adjusted their schedules with some set hours making sure they are here for late hours. Kath O’Siggins read into Public records a petition from citizens on 2nd Ave South: See attachment

Janell Clarke reported that the 7th annual permaculture was a positive experience and that it will be sponsored here again next year just not during fair weekend.


EXECUTIVE SESSION called for at 8:35 by Mayor Woods



Motion to adjourn at 8:45 by Adams, Seconded by Neary 4-0 pass

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