October Minutes


Hot Springs Senior Center 101 Main Street

CALL TO ORDER by Mayor Woods at 7:oo pm

ROLL CALL Woods, Smith, Stelter, Neary, Whitsett

Also Present: Amy Gray Clerk, Chief Pfleger, M’lin Kendrick, Josie Schuster, Stephen Sheffield

APPROVAL OF MINUTES motion to approve minutes of the September 2019 meeting made by Stelter, Seconded by Smith 4-0 pass

FINANCIAL REPORTS: Motion to approve July and August financial reporst made by Neary, Seconded by Smith 4-0 pass

PRESENTATION OF CLAIMS:  Motion to approve claims made by Neary, Seconded by Smith 4-0 pass


MAYOR- Woods reported that the Rural Development grant is finalized and new trucks have been ordered for the Police Department, Rural Development will be doing an inspection on the sewer project for warranty purposes

PUBLIC WORKS: Woods gave a report on Public Works. Recycled asphalt has been spread on the hill on 2nd avenue to repair the road, Moved sand to the new sand shed, ordered salt and gravel. Final tests have been done to verify clean water. There is more damage to the lid at the water tank. Tests confirm that there are bees only in the tank. DEQ has been contacted. The lid is just a poor design and needs to be repaired. The crew is getting ready for winter. The small plow truck is having problems and will require a bunch of money in order to fix all of the issues. We are looking at the RD program to for a plow truck and sander and will provide more info on this at the next meeting.

FIRE DEPT- Woods reported that there have been several car crashes on the highway and a few false alarms have been called in for brush fires.

POLICE- Chief Pfleger provided a written report and presented it.

COUNCIL-Whitsett asked if there has been anything done with 200 Arlee Street and the complaints that were submitted. Woods explained we have still been having issues contacting the owner.  Whitsett also explained that there is a petition located in several places in town to lower the speed limit on Hwy 28 from the junction of 382 to Niarada.

LIBRARY- M’lin provided and presented a written report for the library.  This included information that the library would be writing their own personnel handbook that would be separate from the Town handbook. Randy expressed concern about the legality of this. Amy explained that she had already discussed these concerns with Starla and that MMIA would be contacted and included in the approval process to ensure any liability issues were addressed.


ZONING COMPLIANCE OFFICER-  Woods explained that he is still looking into the property at 200 Arlee Street and what needs to be done there. He has had several discussions with different individuals in town about doing things on their property lines.  He has also had several discussions with the contractor and property owner about water lines on a property on A Street and the addition of 2 more trailers.





CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT- 602 CENTRAL-BEAUTY SALON-Mayor Woods asked for any public comment on this. Josie Schuster was present and explained her desire to use a cabin behind the house she purchased as her hair studio.  She would not have employees and has ample room for parking. She also stated that she understands she will have two separate water bills for the property. She also had a response to questions Neary had asked at the previous meeting about signage that would be used on her property.  She explained that the sign is already in place and she did not intend to add any larger signs to the property. Neary agreed that modest signage was acceptable.  Woods and Neary discussed the end date of the conditional use permit and Woods suggested the end date should be at the closing of the business. Motion made by Neary to approve Conditional use permit with end date as the closing of the business seconded by Whitsett  4-0 pass



There was no new business


PUBLIC COMMENT ON NON-AGENDA ITEMS:  Mayor Woods called for public comment on Non-agenda items. There was none.


ADJOURN  7:36 pm motion made by Neary to adjourn seconded by Whitsett  4-0 pass

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