October Minutes


Hot Springs Senior Center 101 Main Street


CALL TO ORDER by Mayor Woods at 7:00 p.m.

ROLL CALL  Present-Woods, Whitsett, Neary, Smith

Absent- Stelter

Also Present: Clerk Gray, Officer Pfleger, Dick Adams, Stephan Sheffield, Nisca Warthen, Two Elk Standing, Bruce Olson

APPROVAL OF MINUTES  Smith/ Neary  change to artist society report  3-0 pass

FINANCIAL REPORTS Smith/ Neary 3-0 pass



MAYOR stop work order on sewer project has been issued while contractor waits for parts , Mayor has spent a lot of time talking with the engineers and contractor about the project, stop work order and change orders requested.  Grant application for PER for drain water is in the process of being completed by Engineers.  A resident on Camas road donated land years ago in exchange for 2 sewer connection and she has been upset because she only received one. The town will send her a letter letting her know she will be able to connect a second sewer connection with no connection fees but that she will be responsible for all other expenses related to connecting. Well drillers were here for sewer project, had them drill a well at lagoons 93 feet 100 gal/min.  Dog complaints have continued. People have to take care of the dogs, police will continue to work on dog problem

PUBLIC WORKS- divers were in the water tanks today cleaning and inspecting them.  Continue working on parks. Last cleanup day is done, getting ready for winter. Plowing and sanding plans are being discussed.

FIRE DEPT- still busy, multiple calls. By 2025 all radios have to be digital. FD is good but PD needs them. Tribe and Forest Service are already switching over.  Ambulance has been a little slow, we have 3 new EMT’s who have tested and passed.

POLICE Written report presented by Officer Pfleger

COUNCIL Whitsett asked if dog complaints need to be written and was told that in order for the police to take action there needs to be a written complaint. Whitsett had reported on mentioned reports of sewer smell at previous council meeting and asked if it had been checked and Woods reply was that it had been checked and found to be no problem. Whitsett also commented on the U-turn signs asking if police can take action on violations.

LIBRARY Nisca Warthen presented written report for library

ZONING COMPLIANCE OFFICER- Woods reported that the shed on the property lines has been moved, there are a couple of lot line adjustments that have been submitted.

PARKS/RECREATION BOARD- Dino is up and is being used, swing is in progress

CHAMBER OF COMMERCE- Smith reported that Chamber is discussing memberships, and layouts for placemats

ARTIST SOCIETY-Silent art auction Nov 10, wine, cheese and chocolate tasting.  Will be talking about Halloween- ghost walk 6-8 pm, kiddie contest 7pm at senior center. Looking for new sponsor for trunk or treat



Mayor Woods called for public comment-No public comment on agenda items



POLICE COMMISSION MEMBER APPOINTMENT- Letter of interest for appointment of police commission submitted by Lyle Fisher, Woods would like to recommend appointment of Lyle Fisher to police commission.  Motion to appoint Fisher to police commission – Whitsett/ Smith 3-0 pass


MARKETING AGREEMENT WITH SERVICE LINE WARRANTIES OF AMERICA  Motion to approve Marketing agreementSmith /Neary  3-0 pass


WASTEWATER PROJECT UPDATE AND PAY APPLICATION – Stop work order in place because contractor will not have material until after October 15, Pay app for services and work up to this point- still has to do valves at lagoons, auger plant and concrete building at lift station  Motion to approve pay app  Neary/ Smith  3-0 pass


MORRISON MAERLE INVOICE # 181174 motion to pay invoice Smith/Whitsett 3-0 pass



Woods reported that the council  had a work session on zoning and there was a lot of good discussion.  Talked about mobile homes and set backs in Residential A and B, Another work session is scheduled for Oct 16th 6pm. Mary Whitsett expressed possible scheduling conflict with ordinance review date and asked for clarification

Sam Cowles- Dog issue, asked if he would get in trouble if he hosed down a dog that was being vicious or if he sprayed it with wasp spray. Officer Pfleger stated that if he was in fear he would use whatever he could.

ADJOURN   Neary/ Smith  7:57 pm 3-0 pass


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