November Minutes

November 3, 2015

At 7 pm, Mayor Woods opened the public hearing for Resolution 2016-005R A Resolution Approving a $142,550 Water Revenue Bond to Finance the Water Project. All councilors were present and had copies of the Resolution and all documents regarding the issuance of the water bond.  Mayor Woods reminded the council that the water revenue bond had been planned to be part of the funding since the inception of the project and was part of the Town’s matching fund money.  There was no public comment.

At 7:05 Woods closed the public hearing and opened the regular council meeting. Present were Woods, councilors Smith, Stelter, Dobrovolny, and Adams, and clerk Lazaro. Also present was library director, Kimberly Brooks.

Smith moved; Adams seconded to approve the minutes of October 6. 4-0 Passed.  There was no financial report since the clerk was still awaiting bank reports.  Adams moved; Stelter seconded to pay the claims. Woods answered questions about the claims for the pop machine, water testing, attorney travel, and $11,065.22 to MVP for electric to the site of the new water tank.  4-0 Passed.


Woods reported that the Town had published an RFQ (request for qualifications) for an engineering firm. The Town advertises every 5 years for this.  Based on submittals the Town will choose an engineering firm to assist with grant applications and project design.

Woods then gave an update on the water project. A 4” topping was poured on the concrete tank pad and the contractor gave a 5 year guarantee on the tank.  MVP has run power to the site for the SCADA system and the mixer.  Also repairs were made to Jaques Road, after the new water line was laid.

Funding applications are being submitted to USDA RD for the wastewater project to make repairs at the lagoon and infiltration in the lines.

Public works has been cleaning ditches and culverts.

The fire department ambulance has assisted on calls.

The Police report was submitted in writing and read by Woods. Officer Schwittay was introduced to the Council.  The department is making changes to scheduling to cover later nights and early mornings.

Kimberly Brooks gave the library report, which was also submitted in writing. There were comments made regarding the filming at the museum and community awareness meetings.  The last library fundraising brought in $1500.

Vacancies on the Planning Board and Board of Adjustments have been posted. Appointments will be made at the January council meeting.

Leslee Smith gave reports for the Artist Society and Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber will meet Thursday at Second Home.  Jen Kreiner will put on a community assessments workshop.  The concession group made $1600 from the Sanders County Fair concessions.  The annual membership drive is beginning.

The Artist Society meets tomorrow. The annual Gala is set for November 14. Items are posted on the website and online bidding is available. James McClure is the featured artist.

Joel Maas is donating pictures and a fire department display to the Museum.


Kathryn McEnery accepted comments on the Growth Policy. She then asked for comments regarding 1. Sustainable infrastructure. 2. Transportation. 3. Sidewalks and Walking/Bike trail.  Comments included that the Sanders County Transportation, headed by David Ricci, was doing good – Deanna Peters and David Dalton were driving patrons both in town and out-of-town.

There was no Communication or Public Comment on Agenda Items.


The right-of-way clean-up is continuing. Letters were sent to two residents giving a November 7 date to remove vehicles and other items blocking the right-of-way.  Chief Radabah has said that he needs a written complaint to act upon violations regarding community decay.  He does not feel it is his job to determine the standards to enforce.  Councilor Adams is also concerned that business is being conducted in Residential A and no business license has been issued. Is plan is to begin with one or two businesses in violation of Town ordinances and move on from there.

Paul Stelter is continuing his research on a local emergency plan to use generators in the event that an emergency takes out MVP power again. He met with Weatherly Electric to discuss plans.

The next item of business was the library inter-local agreement. Smith moved; Adams seconded to approve the inter-local agreement. The library board, through Rube Wrightsman, had previously asked Mayor Woods that the item be tabled for another month.  No members of the library board were present at the meeting.  Following brief discussion, Smith moved; Adams seconded to table the issue.


Adams moved; Smith seconded to approve Resolution 2016-005R Water Bond to finance the water project. 4-0 Passed.

Adams moved; Smith seconded to approve the employee manual. Smith stated that she thought she should read the manual before voting on it.  Stelter then moved to table action on the item; seconded by Adams 4-0.  The clerk will make copies of the handbook and make sure it is given to all employees and the councilors prior to the next meeting.

There was no communication or public comment on non-agenda items.

While there was no executive session, Woods informed the council that any executive sessions would need to have the clerk present and taking minutes. The minutes of executive session would then be sealed.  They would be a permanent record but not available for review without a court order.

At 8:29, there being no further business, Adams moved; Smith seconded to adjourn. 4-0 Passed.


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