November Minutes




Hot Springs Town Hall 109 Main Street


CALL TO ORDER AT 7:03 BY Mayor Woods

ROLL CALL- Mayor Woods, Whitsett, Neary, Smith, Stelter

Also present- Clerk Gray, Officer Pfleger, Steven Sheffield

APPROVAL OF MINUTES- Smith/ Stelter pass 4-0 with changes

FINANCIAL REPORTS-Stelter/Smith 4-0 pass

PRESENTATION OF CLAIMS- Smith/Neary 4-0 pass with cancelation of check for Bullitt Communications



MAYOR- Still waiting for funding for our water project, we are first in line for funding

PUBLIC WORKS- Mark and Sierra have been working on drains and the park and getting the concrete done for those, they have been working on the sander. Plows are mounted and ready to go for snow.  We have called in one of the guys that was interviewed for the Public Works position in August to come in and help with some of the bigger projects and to cover while Sierra is out

FIRE DEPT- no fire calls, ambulance was a little slower than previous months, a water tender was donated to the town by Glenn Collins

POLICE- written reported presented by Officer Pfleger.  He also reported that we are moving ahead with the new case management system with the county

LIBRARY- Written report provided

ZONING COMPLIANCE OFFICER-one on the agenda for tonight, 1 other still in the works.  Stelter questioned the size of Shockey houses and Mayor Woods said he would check into it and report back

PARKS/RECREATION BOARD- concrete is poured for the swings, that project will be finished in the Spring

CHAMBER OF COMMERCE- Smith reported they are working on membership drive, community calendar, placemats and a $5000 grant from the because the economy had been impacted by fires

ARTIST SOCIETY- Smith gave report that Halloween was a success, 10 trunk or treat participants, Silent auction and wine, cheese and Chocolate tasting is on the November 10th.


COMMUNICATIONS/PUBLIC COMMENT AGENDA ITEMS- Mayor Woods called for public comment on agenda items, there was none




SEWER PROJECT UPDATE- the Contractors have been under a stop work order, but have a start work order for next week, Mayor has been busy with Morrison and Maerle and Montana Underground working on 7 change orders for the project.  We had a water tank inspection where the diver goes into the tank and cleans and inspects them. One of the circulation pumps is damaged in the new tank and it will need to be replaced, there is no sediment in tank 2. Tank 1 still has paint coming off the lid which would have been fixed if we would have been able to follow through with our water project that is still on hold. The sediment in tank 1 is good. No action taken- information only


ZONING ORDINANCE REVIEW UPDATE- Last meeting it was suggested that mobile homes need to be 2000 and newer and installation must meet the current HUD for set up and that we should reference Fema Flood plains in our zoning.  In Commercial district fencing was discussed and in there was discussion on the need to promote business in the central business district. Industrial Zone will be defined on as come basis and city council will need to approve anything in industrial zones. Next meeting for ordinance review will be November 27, 2018 at 6pm at Town Hall and will cover the topics of mixed commercial residential and non-conforming usage.  No action taken- information only


FLESCH REQUEST TO REMOVE EASEMENT-  Ray and Sharon Flesch have requested to have the Easement on their property removed.  Motion to remove Easement by Neary second by Stelter   4-0 pass




Woods- Has had discussion with representative from Orton Foundation and the coach for the Heart and Soul has been doing a lot of work getting the project ready.


Whitsett – There are a lot of deer on the highway especially at dusk


Gray- Received a phone call from the county and they have had several calls regarding the property taxes where it shows up as Hot Springs City-coun   There is concern from residents that they are paying city council members with their taxes and we have been asked to explain that this is for the city county library and not for the council.




8:10pm   Stelter/ Neary  4-0 pass

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