November Minutes



November 5, 2019

Hot Springs Senior Center 101 Main Street


CALL TO ORDER by Mayor Woods at 7:00 pm

ROLL CALL Present- Woods, Whitsett, Neary, Smith, Stelter

Also Present- Amy Gray, Eric Pfleger, Stephen Sheffield, Bill Naegli, Peg Winebrenner, Izzy Cremer, Gary Cremer, Joe Wagner

APPROVAL OF MINUTES- Motion to approve minutes Stelter/Neary  4-0 pass

FINANCIAL REPORTS– Motion to approve financial report Smith/Stelter  4-0 pass

PRESENTATION OF CLAIMS–  Motion to approve claims Stelter/Neary  4-0 pass



MAYOR- Woods reported that the town has had several inspections over the past month.   DEQ was here and identified problems with water tank #2.  Clips have been made to hold lid down, and it is currently being emptied, repaired, cleaned and disinfected. EPA came to inspect the sewer lagoons with representatives from Helena, Denver and the Tribe.  They have given input for updating reporting techniques and identified issues with our paperwork. Public Works crew will be updating the operations manual and addressing additional findings from their visit. We received a surprise safety inspection from L&I.  They found a few minor issues with extension cords and an outlet, and a hole in the floor for the new bathroom had to be covered until complete.  All of the paperwork in Town Hall was good.

PUBLIC WORKS- There was a main line-sewer back up where the contractors had recently worked on a sewer connection and it was done incorrectly.  Montana Underground reimbursed the Town and the Homeowner for repairs.  We are still having some problems at the Auger building. The heaters were not working. Montana Underground and an electrician came out and found water in the heaters at the lift station. There are still a few issues and Randy will be discussion them with Morrison and Maierle Engineers Friday morning. Public Works crew has been working on the water tank, trimming trees, checking culverts and getting things ready for winter.

FIRE DEPT- There have been several motor vehicle accidents which resulted in car fires in the past couple of months. Ambulance has been very short handed. Woods explained that he and Amy have been out for medical reasons and that it is possible that the response times could be slow especially if a neighboring service is having to respond.

POLICE- Chief Pfleger read the police report and announced that there would be a drug awareness seminar on November 18th at the High School.

COUNCIL- Neary reported on a concern voiced to him regarding dogs. Clerk also stated the person he talked to had been in City Hall regarding the issue. Whitsett mentioned an article in the Charcoosta on Oct 24th about the census and the importance of answering the census so Montana can receive funds related to those results. She also expressed concern about a report of feral pigs invading the Northern border out of Canada.

CLERK- AFR is done and submitted, Audit for 2019 is started with Nicole Noonan, and the new Police Trucks are ordered and being built.

LIBRARY- Written library report presented by Peg Winebrenner

ZONING COMPLIANCE OFFICER- We have had a lot of questions, but no formal requests to present.






Annual Financial Report for FY19- JV entries recommended by Magda Nelson have been completed. Motion to approve AFR with JV entries Smith/Neary  4-0 pass


Approval of Audit Agreement with Nicole Noonan for FY19- motion made to approve Stelter/Neary  4-0 pass


Attorney- Josh Morigeau gave verbal notice of his resignation October 16th stating he will help with a smooth transition. He is hoping to have it done by the end of November. Kim Fields applied at the same time Josh did and has expressed that she is still very interested in the position. She has already submitted a resume and been interviewed at the same time Josh was and has since sent an updated resume. Motion made by Stelter to hire Field/ Seconded by Neary  4-0 pass


Heart and Soul update Joe Wagner was present to give an update on Heart and Soul project. He explained the need to reset and evaluate the goals of the program to move forward.  No action taken





Bill Naegli- with Emergency Management for Sanders County- The Hazard Mitigation Plan was submitted to FEMA for review and is now ready for approval.  This plan enables Sanders County to be eligible for FEMA funding.  Information was provided so council can be prepared to vote at the next council meeting.

He also provided flyers and information so cell phones can be registered to receive public alerts in the event of an emergency.


ADJOURN  8:15 Neary/Whitsett  4-0 pass

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