May Minutes

TUESDAY, MAY 2, 2017
Called to order 7:00 pm
Public comment- Robert Jackson asked what it was about, Mayor Woods explained that the wording regarding jail time and imprisonment was to be removed from ordinances 2017-001, 2017-002, 2017-003, 2017-004
No other public comment
Public Hearing closed 7:05 p.m.
May 2, 2017
Following public hearing
Hot Springs Senior Center
CALL TO ORDER 7:05 p.m.

ROLL CALL : Mayor Randal Woods, Bob Neary, Leslee Smith, MaryWhitsett, Richard Adams, Chief police Stuart Smith, Clerk Amy Gray
APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES : With changes Adams/Smith 4-0 pass

FINANCIAL REPORTS   Adams/Smith 4-0 pass

PRESENTATION OF CLAIMS   Smith/Adams 4-0 pass

MAYOR: Still busy with sewer stuff, found maps of old culverts, Mark brought back to work while Sierra is still out on Workers’ Comp. Mark will be walking the town, taking pictures and making maps and locating storm drains and addressing any issues with them.

PUBLIC WORKS: Mayor Woods reported on Public Works- Water meter reinstalled at Timberline, working on potholes as time allows, a couple of new water/sewer installs for Wynn and Persico, move water pit for Rose Obenick, gas tax raised during legislative session- Mayor Woods explained that this would hopefully free up funds for more supplies for fixing our streets in town, and reported that the water levels have gone down and the flooding issues have stopped and everything is working as expected at this time.

FIRE DEPT: New brush truck from Swan Valley Fire Department- was purchased for $10,000. $2,000 down with remainder payable at a rate of $2,000 per year. Two fire calls that ended up not actually being fires. Mary Whitsett asked that ambulance information be provided at council meetings giving more detail as to what the calls were.

POLICE: Written statement provided by Chief Smith

COUNCIL: Neary reported that he would like to continue with steps to change the council agenda format allowing for public comment after each agenda item in line with the format used by the county. This will require an ordinance change and Neary stated this should be done at the next meeting. Neary suggested that Stephan Sheffield could provide an unedited copy of the video taken during the town council meeting and that the clerk could create the necessary documentations for making them official meeting minutes. Neary asked that minutes be updated on Town website. Neary asked if council packets were kept at Town hall, Gray stated they are. Neary will continue to follow up with Lanny at the sheriff’s department regarding coordinating coverage for the town.

CLERK: Council meeting for July will fall on the 4th which is a holiday. It will be rescheduled to July 11, 2017. Council training is available to council members at the end of May, Neary, Whitsett and Smith expressed interest in going. Clerk will attend Clerk’s Institute next week in Billings.

LIBRARY: Linda Landrum read the written library report. Also suggested that the town purchase toilet paper and paper towels for the library in exchange for use of the library. Mayor Woods explained that the library has to pay an employee to be there during a time that normally the library would be closed. The library has a user agreement in place for all who wish to use the library, Woods stated the Town will pay the same as other groups based on the library’s policy.



CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: Leslee Smith reported Next meeting will be Fergies at noon, Flyers with Homesteaders events will be available soon

ARTIST SOCIETY: Leslee Smith there will be an annual meeting with board member elections, photography show will be hung in the gallery next week with a reception and judging May 13th.

MUSEUM: Leslee Smith reported that the Town picked up stuff at the museum during town clean-up day, Museum will open Memorial Day weekend, Spudfest fundraiser $1600.00 best so far, 85 plates of spuds, nice silent auction and a good turnout. Possibly having a new fundraiser swap meet Aug 5th

HOT SPRINGS COMMUNITY AWARENESS: David Max reported Empower MT came in- does diversity training was a small turnout, but good info. Service dog training for the community was a good turnout. Diabetis workshop will be a 6 week workshop on Mondays from 10-11:30 from a group out of Plains. Radio station fundraiser provided enough funds for $1500 match for grant to buy emergency broadcast system. City council meetings will be on air, school garden will have plant starts.

Delta Jackson asked for clarification on how the budget is looking- Woods explained that the funds are good, there are some line items that are off and that those are some things we are looking at.

Woods explained that the tabled items regarding purchase of town property, closing a road and putting a fence on town property from the previous meeting are not on this agenda because the requesting party, Mr. Simmons, has withdrawn the request.

SEWER PROJECT UPDATE : Mayor Woods reported; DEQ report- went over time limit and it has pushed out the time for going to bid. Engineers are taking care of all issues in DEQ report and it should be going to bid any time. Explained that the sewer project is relining and replacing line and sealing man holes. Will be focusing on main lines. Sewer system will always be an ongoing project.

ORDINANCES 2017-001, 2017-002, 2017-003, 2017-004 TO REMOVE WORDING
RELATED TO JAIL TIME OR IMPRISONMENT- FINAL READING Motion to approve by Adams, second by Smith 4-0 pass

ZONING QUESTIONS: Discussion only regarding zoning questions and compliance issues. Bob Neary had submitted a letter asking about some dirt berms and water on the Still Water’s property and asked about damage to Arlee Street that goes through this same property. He also had comments about how the zoning compliance was dealt with on property on Second Street South that had been brought to the Council’s attention almost a year ago. Mary Whitsett also submitted a letter regarding zoning compliance, the house on Second Avenue South and asking about the berm on the Still Waters property. Mayor Woods explained that the berm of dirt was no longer there and that the owner’s had the property surveyed and now know where their boundary is. He stated that the culverts were being put in to address the water drainage problem and that that once the culverts were installed the road would be repaired. He also explained that the trailer on 2nd Avenue was made wider therefore it met the zoning requirements so it did not need to come back to the council at that point.
Bob Neary asked if the town had storm drains in addition to the sewer in which Woods answered no. Neary also asked if the retaining wall on 1st North is the Town’s responsibility and said it was in shape. Woods stated it was not the Town’s responsibility.
Woods stated that Jerry Kontos is our zoning compliance officer. Woods stated that Town has an Ordinance book that is written for a reason and the ordinance book is black and white everyone has to follow it. He questioned how do we enforce it all and how do we deal with it. Mary Whitsett stated that we can’t use selective enforcement and discussed the issue with Jerry telling Mr. Simmons of Still Water property that he could plant trees on the right of way belonging to the town. The town needs to be consistent and use the committees. Mayor Woods agreed that Mr. Simmons should not have been told that he could plant trees.
Richard Adams commented about business licenses in residential areas, that the businesses aren’t supposed to be there and are a violation of the ordinance and that if we are going to enforce ordinances, we should enforce all of them.
Leslee Smith said that if we do it for one we have to do it for everyone and that Mr. Simmons should not be allowed to plant trees on the right of way. Mayor Woods stated a letter of clarification about trees in the right of way would be sent to Mr. Simmons.

APPOINT BUDGET COMMITTEE: Randy Woods, Leslee Smith and Bob Neary appointed to budget committee.

Richard Adams- News about the shooting club, Ned stepped down as president and Skip Joy is new president. Will have monthly meetings, intend to set up trap houses and will be doing cleanup Sunday @ 10:00
Bob Jackson – says we should have a variance board with variance restrictions
Mayor Woods says we have a variance board and complaints need to be sent to the variance board
Delta Jackson asked if the trees in the right of way is a liability
Mayor Woods explained that right of ways have to be open and clear
Mayor Woods- zoning is too restrictive and needs to be changed
Leslee Smith- said we had previously assigned planning board to go over zoning
Mayor Woods- Town can have a zoning committee and have them do the leg work and bring recommendations to the council
Leslee Smith- thinks the council should review the zoning
8:42 p.m. Neary/Smith to adjourn pass 4-0

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