May Minutes



Hot Springs Senior Center 101 Main Street


CALL TO ORDER at 7:00 p.m. by Mayor Woods

ROLL CALL Present- Mayor Woods, Mary Whitsett, Bob Neary, Paul Stelter, Leslee Smith

Also Present: Sierra Lazaro (for Clerk), Eric Pfleger, Stephen Sheffield

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Stelter/Smith 4-0 pass

PRESENTATION OF CLAIMS: Smith/ Neary 4-0 pass


MAYOR- We have been working on some grants that will be discussed in the agenda items, the sewer project is almost all the way finished. We had some issues with some sinking on the roads near Alameda’s.  This was warranty work and it was time consuming to get that taken care of.


PUBLIC WORKS- They have been fixing potholes, we have used up all of the asphalt we have so we need to get some more. They have been filling in with gravel in some areas.  We will start working on the storm drains behind the senior center and also some down by Bucks, and 1st and Spring Street.  We will also be doing some roof repairs on City Hall. They have also started mowing quite a bit.  We also have some plans to start hauling gravel in some of the muddy alleys.


FIRE DEPT just a few car accidents, ambulance was slow most of the month


POLICE: Written report presented by Officer Pfleger


COUNCIL: Mary asked about the police officer’s duty phones and Randy explained that they have cell phones but that everyone needs to remember that the proper way to contact the police for any problem is to call 911 or the sheriff’s office. Dispatch will know if the officer is available or will know if they need to send a county officer.  They can also create call logs that notify the officer of a pending issue when they do come on duty. Mary also asked about sidewalk chalk on Main Street, Pfleger stated he did not know of a law forbidding it, as long as what is drawn or written was not offensive.


CLERK- Amy was gone for Clerk’s Institute. Sierra Lazaro was filling in to take minute notes


LIBRARY- Rube Wrightsman presented a written report. Randy asked that the library staff keep the grass watered and green and said the Public Works crew would keep it mowed.

ZONING COMPLIANCE OFFICER- Public Works help verify some property lines, also some rotten trees were identified on town right of way and with Mayor approval, the property owner volunteered to take care of the trees.


PARKS/RECREATION BOARD- Bruce Olson asked the Mayor about the progress of the swings. Mayor Woods stated we were waiting on the weather to clear up a little but that he has been in contact with the welder and it should be getting done soon.


CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: Leslee Smith reported that the Chamber of Commerce was working on Homesteader’s Days. She said the stock contractor that we usually use will be retiring and the price of the replacement contractor is higher. Election of officers was tabled until the next meeting.


ARTIST SOCIETY- Leslee Smith reported that there would be a photography show May 11th.  They are still working on their membership drive and summer event schedule should be out soon.


MUSEUM:  Nora Potts reported that the Museum is now open Friday and Saturday from 12-4 and the Museum continues to gather more items.








HOMESTEADER DAYS WAIVER- Motion made by Leslee, Second by Mary 4-0 pass


RENEW ATTORNEY CONTRACT- Neary asked if this was the same contract. Randy explained it was the same, but there were a couple of minor changes made to it. Mary asked about the attorneys hours and court appearances. Woods explained that the Town attorney’s main job is court. We have court twice per month but there are more hours involved in the background talking to other attorneys, doing paperwork, etc. He also explained that the Town attorney advises the Town, the Town Council about business of the Town. He is not an attorney for the use of the Town’s people or council. He represents the Town. Mary also read from his contract that he shall be responsible for review of the ordinances and questioned if that meant he was supposed to write the ordinances, or if that was the clerk’s responsibility or the council members.  She was asking for some clarification.


Motion made by Leslee Smith to renew the contract for Josh Morigeau as the Town attorney, seconded by Bob Neary.  3-1 pass with Mary Whitesett voting no


PERSONNEL HANDBOOK CHANGES : Mayor Woods explained that a review of the handbook by MMIA warranted some changes mainly in regards to policies regarding police personnel. Motion made by Leslee Smith to approve changes to the personnel handbook. Seconded by Bob Neary   4-0 pass


POLICE DEPARTMENT VEHICLES GRANT AND LOAN:  Woods explained the need for new police vehicles and that there is grant through Rural Development that has as 75%-25% match to help the department get the new pickups. The paperwork is in process and he asked to council to vote to support the process of applying for the grant. Motion made by Paul Stelter to seek grant assistance through Rural Development for purchasing police vehicles, seconded by Leslee Smith  4-0 pass




Eric Potts voiced his concern about a property next door to his. He stated the property is in poor condition with a significant amount of debris and “junk” and that he had concern for health and safety of people in the area. He also claimed to have witnessed people on the property who should not have been there.  He was advised by council members and the Mayor to give a written statement at Town Hall so the matter could be pursued.



ADJOURN   8:00 pm


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