March Minutes

March 7, 2017
Following public hearing 7:00 PM
Hot Springs Senior Center
ROLL CALL: Woods, Neary, Smith, Adams, Whitsett, Gray

Also present: Officer Stuart Smith, Steven Sheffield, Bob Woods, Jeannine Woods, Lloyd Redmond, Donna Redmond, Deb Gather, John Marshall, Deanna Peters, Judy Norgard, John Holman, Don Woods, Carolyn Woods, Ted Hein, Bev Bangen, Peg Winebrenner, Deanne Hazleton, Jon Anderson, Janell Clark, Nora Potts, Liz DeRoche, Troy DeRoche, Max, Karen Evans, Trudy Berge, Linda Landrum

APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES: Smith/Adams 4-0 approve
FINANCIAL REPORTS: Adams/Smith 4-0 approve
PRESENTATION OF CLAIMS: Smith/Adams 4-0 approve

MAYOR- Need to start looking at budget for next year due July 1 to the state

PUBLIC WORKS- working with engineers on Sewer project, Ruben is still working alone as Sierra continues to be out, Several reports of freeze ups and breaks in citizen water and sewer lines- the new form for tracking adjustments is working well, Concerns about pot holes and Ruben has already been in touch with the gravel company for asphalt
Whitsett asked about the grader and why it was just seen out working recently, Woods explained the way it works and that personnel needs a little more experience and training working with the equipment to avoid causing damage to things such as manholes and meters etc.
Woods expressed need for revision of plow policy and explained that we have personnel issues that have caused hardship this season.
Janelle Clark asked about the towns plan for dealing with culverts
Woods explained that while the ground is frozen and the snow is still there, we can’t do anything, once it thaws public works will work to clean them out and explained that they do this twice per year, need to take pictures and log where the water goes.
Janelle Clark asked about sandbags
Woods explained we have bags available that need filled, then explained that Hot Springs does participate in FEMA and citizens have access to purchase flood plain insurance

FIRE DEPT: No calls for fire this month, Hot Springs Community Ambulance has had an unusually high number of calls again for the month of February

POLICE: Written police report provided and read by Stuart Smith

COUNCIL: Neary has been in touch with Lanny at the county Sheriff Department in regards to covering some of the gaps in coverage with local law enforcement. Woods stated they are continuing to work with the county and have to provide information to them that that need.

CLERK: Clerk is doing a free six week online course right now and has registered for the Annual Clerks Institute in Billings May 7-11

LIBRARY: Linda provided report for library, states preschool has officially started, library is doing reading hour from 2:30-3:30, and discussed problems with keeping ice out of parking lot. Written guidelines for fees for use of the library meeting room provided.

ZONING COMPLIANCE OFFICER: Nothing new or pending

PARKS/RECREATION BOARD: Janelle Clark reported that she met with people and got new ideas for park, She met with Mayor Woods about where to put the swings, bathroom etc, move forward with plans for park. Reports that she has been gathering information on Main Street Project and may be having a meeting with Parks board or Chamber of Commerce

CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: Missoula Children’s theater was successeful, Homesteaders Days committee met after last Chamber meeting to get things going for Homesteaders Days and finding a band for the street dance. Looking at forming a committee for Chamber of Commerce web site.

ARTIST SOCIETY: Postponed photography show to May, Annual meeting Meeting May 21, 3:00. No summer Arts camp this year, may do something with the schools summer program.

MUSEUM: Nora Potts reported that museum volunteer signup sheets are now available, also that there is a meeting room at the museum that is available for community meetings as long as the weather permits.

Janelle Clark: in regards to changing planning board, she spoke with other communities about what types of planning boards they have. Polson city/county- makes sense for city/county if you want to annex, St. Ignatius is city only, Hamilton only meets as needed if they need to plan for something, not on a regular basis. She states she thinks we need to take our time and collect more information before deciding
Woods: Planning board is for way out future growth, in town has no place to grow and if we are going to grow it is going to be county growth
Deanna Peters: Was not happy with decision to go with just a city planning board, has a petition to ask the council to change to city/county planning board.
Liz DeRoche: look at the membership of the planning board, does not want the county commissioners to have that much control over what our planning is


SEWER PROJECT UPDATE: final design review done, is now under agency review, DEQ to review entire project and Rural Development review. 4-9-17 Bid meeting, open to public, present project to contractors. Bid opening will be 4-25-17 open bids, make award recommendation-open to public.
Spread sheet of expenses and funding provided

ORDINANCES 2017-001, 2017-002, 2017-003, 2017-004 TO REMOVE WORDING
Approval of the first reading Adams/Smith   4-0  pass


RESOLUTION 2017- 004R, 2017-005R, 2017-006R, and 2017-007R TO REMOVE       WARDS FROM ORDINANCES: Adams/Neary 4-0 pass


Woods recommend to hire Josh Morigeau , request to ratify Neary/Whitsett 4-0 pass

Adams -Motion to replace city planning board with a city/county planning board
Smith – Second motion
Smith: Written motion included donut area, will need to first get county to confirm city/county planning board and then define the “donut” area around town by resolution
Woods: city or city/county must have county approval, provided map to show what county properties would possibly be included
Adams: Amend motion to replace city planning board and return to city/county planning board
Smith: Just because they are county residents on planning board does not mean they will have to have their property annexed- there is no connection
Neary: would like the board to wait to decide, do not need to jump into this right now, we need to answer more questions before having a planning board at all
Adams: disagree with Neary, a lot of people just outside the city limits who want some say because any growth will affect them
Citizens discussion about whether they prefer city planning board or city/county planning board included comments about annexation, need for county residents to have say in growth, city residents stated that since county did not pay taxes they shouldn’t have a say.
Neary request to table the motion
Smith called for a vote
Woods All in favor to create city-county planning board
Smith, Adams – Aye, Neary/Whitsett- No, Woods to break tie- Aye   motion passed 3-2


Deanna Peters read an unsigned letter sent to her accusing her of attacks on Neary and Whitsett and comments about business owners running the town.

ADJOURN: 9:55 pm   Adams/ Smith 4-0 pass

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