March Minutes

Public Hearing, March 6, 7:00 pm

Hot Springs Senior Center 101 Main Street Hot Springs, MT 59845

Called to order by Mayor Woods at 7:00 pm. Present: Mayor Woods, Leslee Smith, Paul Stelter, Mary Whitsett, Clerk Amy Gray, Chief of Police Stuart Smith, Steven Sheffield, Bob Woods, Rube Wrightsman

Resolution 2018-05R A Resolution requesting distribution of Bridge and Road Safety and Accountability Program Funds: Mayor Woods read the resolution, called for public comment, there was no public comment

Resolution 2018-06R A Resolution of the Town of Hot Springs to Award the Wastewater System Improvement Project: Mayor Woods read the resolution, discussion with Mayor and council regarding the possibility of raising sewer rates in order to fund the relining portion of the project. Mayor Woods called for public comment, there was no public comment

Public hearing closed at 7:28 pm

March 6, 2018 Regular Town Council Meeting

Hot Springs Senior Center, 101 Main St Hot Springs, MT 59845

Following the Public Hearing

Called to order by Mayor Woods at 7:28 pm

Roll Call: Present- Smith, Whitsett, Stelter, Mayor Woods. Absent – Neary

Also Present: Clerk Amy Gray, Chief of Police Stuart Smith, Steven Sheffield, Bob Woods, Rube Wrightsman

Approval of December minutes: Stelter motion to approve, second Smith 3/0 pass

Approval of February Minutes:  Stelter motion to approve with changes, Seconded by Smith 3/0 pass

Financial Reports:  Stelter/ Smith  3/0 pass

Presentation of Claims:  Smith/ Stelter  3/0 pass


Mayor Woods– Neary had requested reports at the previous town council meeting, Woods states he has the reports ready but per the request of Neary, he will hold off on giving the reports until the April council meeting. Woods also reported that the town has been busy with the bid process for the wastewater project, he also said he had spoken to a reporter about how the loss of the TSEP money has affected Hot Springs.

Public Works– Mayor Woods reported that Mark has been busy plowing, Beau has been doing a lot of repairs on equipment, Sierra has been working a little helping with the mapping of culverts and drains, doing samples and meter reads. Woods reported that we had some trouble with the SCADA system had Devon come to town to work with Beau on the system. Meter guy is coming next week to go over some issues with meters and Sierra was going to start organizing and doing inventory of the city shop.

Fire department– had 8 calls, 4 were fires and 4 crashes

Police– report was presented and read by Officer Smith. Smith also reported that there were no case reports resulting from Banditos weekend.

Council-Whitsett said she appreciated Mark plowing on the weekends and off hours. Presented results from a survey she did about the plowing in town. She also presented information from correspondence with MMIA regarding background checks

Clerk– Amy reported that Clerks Institute was coming up in May and that the Police department had received a $250 grant from First Interstate Bank.

Library– report was presented and read aloud by Rube Wrightsman

Parks and Recreation Board– need to open for reappointment.

Chamber of Commerce– Leslee Smith reported that Sandy Prongua will take over duties of collecting for and distributing the community calendar, Leslee and Symes crew will take over placemats, there will be a pub crawl as well as other events and performers over St. Patrick’s Day weekend.  Board nominations in April.

Hot Springs Artist Society– served ice cream social and hot dogs at Missoula Children’s theater performance

Museum– is doing a gallery exhibit of historic photographs at the Wall Street Place Gallery, Lauria Fieler has an idea to use the H hill to do and H20 festival for 2020 and start activities in fall 2019


OLD BUSINESS WATER PROJECT: no changes still a lot of buzz about the TSEP funds, we are next in line for the funding when it becomes available

SEWER PROJECT: nothing more


CHANGE DATE FOR APRIL TOWN COUNCIL MEETING: Amy will be gone March 26-March 30 to Mayo clinic. Stelter makes motion to move meeting to the 10th Whitsett seconds 3/0 pass

POLICE COMMISSION APPOINTMENT: Letter was submitted by Ben Walters, Mayor Woods would like to make the appointment of Ben Walters to Police Commission,  Smith makes motion to appoint Ben Walters, Stelter seconds 3/0 Pass

RESOLUTION 2018-06R A RESOLUTION OF THE TOWN OF HOT SPRINGS TO AWARD THE WASTEWATER SYSTEM IMPROVEMENT PROJECT: Smith stated that she thinks we should approve the base bid along with alternatives A, B, and E and then consider rate increase to complete the rest of the project

Woods stated there would be a special meeting to show maps, budgets and explain why we would need the rate increase. Meeting will be March 20th at 7:00 pm. It will be informal question and answer.

Smith makes motion to award wastewater project to Montana Underground, Stelter seconds Pass 3/0

DISCUSSION OF PLAN INVOLVING CULVERTS, DRAINS AND STREETS: Mayor Woods showed a map of all of the culverts and drains in Hot Springs, also showed pictures of the drains and spreadsheet with information on each drain. Some of the gas tax money will be used to fix the drains, they will need to be prioritized to see what needs to be done first and what will have to wait. There was also discussion about sand bags the town has purchased and what they would be used for. Woods reached out to the county and the state and got information about flooding. Garages, sheds and out buildings are not covered if they are damaged. Lived in structures are the priorities. The Town has 1000 sand bags and we have sand and we will be using ours to protect structures, but we will not be using sand bags to keep water running through yards.




ADJOURN Motion to Adjourn 8:50 pm by Stelter Second by Smith 3/0 Pass



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