June Minutes


June 5, 2018

7:00 p.m. Hot Springs Senior Center

101 Main Street


CALL TO ORDER by Mayor Woods @ 7:00 p.m.

ROLL CALL: Bob Neary, Mary Whitsett, Paul Stelter, Leslee Smith, Mayor Woods

Also Present: Amy Gray, Steven Sheffield, Linda Landrum, Officer Pfleger, Officer Martin, Hannah Vinje, Buddy Kasper, Cheryl Cowles, Sam Cowles, Renee Kehough, Terry Shockey, Janelle Clarke, Dick Adams, Maura Williams, Brad Sutton, John Marshall

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Motion to approve minutes Stelter/ Whitsett  4-0 pass

FINANCIAL REPORTS: Motion to approve April Financial Reports Smith/Stelter  4-0 pass

PRESENTATION OF CLAIMS Motion made to approve claims Smith/Neary  4-0 pass


MAYOR- Has been a busy month with several meetings, we were just notified this evening that a judge was hired by Plains and he is interested in serving as judge for Hot Springs, this will need to be addressed at the next council meeting, DNRC opened up a grant for capital improvement plan which requires a 25% match. Engineers are looking into a capital improvement plan for streets, storm water, water and sewer. Mayor Woods also discussed unsafe sidewalks in need of repair and dog problems in town.

PUBLIC WORKS- Hired a part time person for summer to mow, weed eat, collect trash, cycle valves and other tasks allowing Mark more time to work on streets. Sierra grated the end of Main Street going to the library. Town installed a couple of culverts that were purchased by property owners.  Town clean up days will continue monthly through the summer, and we will be advertising for public works employees.

FIRE DEPT- No calls, a lot of wild land training

POLICE- Eric Pfleger has been appointed as interim chief. There will be some upcoming changes in the PD and changes with the scheduling.  Written report was presented by Officer Pfleger

LIBRARY- written report presented by Linda Landrum and she told the council this would be her last report as she has served 10 years on library board

ZONING COMPLIANCE OFFICER – Mayor Woods stated he has looked at 3 properties for zoning compliance, two of them are agenda items tonight and the other is property owned by Terry Shockey

PARKS/RECREATION BOARD- had their first meeting and gave a letter to the mayor requesting an informal meeting with him or the clerk and has requested some information regarding the park

CHAMBER OF COMMERCE will be having a quick meeting before homesteaders

ARTIST SOCIETY completed the summer arts calendar

MUSEUM is open and will be open during homesteaders





WATER PROJECT- extension paperwork complete to indicate Town of Hot Springs is still waiting on funding to move forward with the water project

SEWER PROJECT- all final paperwork is complete, contractor expects to start work the first part of July




Accept Resignation of Chief of Police Stuart Smith   – Stelter/Neary 4-0 pass


Encroachment Request – Kasper property  Motion to approve encroachement request for fence on Town property Neary/ Stelter  4-0 pass


Encroachment Request – Cozy Cottage property   Motion to approve encroachment request from MT Vine (Cozy Cotage)  for steps on Town property  Neary/Stelter  4-0 pass


Town Server and Computer system  – discussion only, will call Brandy to meet with council to discuss the proposal


U-turns on Main Street-  Motion to approve U-Turn signs on Main Street  Neary/ Whitsett  4-0 pass



Sam Cowles discussed his concern about uncontrolled dogs in town, Mayor Woods, the police and the public were involved in the discussion and shared his concerns


John Marshal discussed plans regarding a DUI task force, and community crime watch


ADJOURN   motion to adjourn 8:43 p.m.  Stelter/ Neary  4-0 pass

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