January Minutes



January 8, 2019

Hot Springs Senior Center 101 Main Street


CALL TO ORDER By Mayor Woods at 7:05 p.m.

ROLL CALL- Woods, Neary, Whitsett, Stelter, Smith

Also present- Clerk Amy Gray, Officer Eric Pfleger, Steven Sheffield, Rube Wrightsman, Margaret Haliburton, Will Haliburton, Shelly Mitchell, Craig Barfoot, Dawn Dearman

APPROVAL OF MINUTES- approve minutes with changes from Neary-  motion by Smith/ Stelter seconds 4-0 pass

FINANCIAL REPORTS- Approve financial reports for November and December-  motion by Smith/ Neary seconds 4-0 pass

PRESENTATION OF CLAIMS- Motion to accept the claims by Smith/ Stelter seconds 4-0 pass


MAYOR- Mayor Woods reports that the sewer project is winding down. Public works has been involved with helping the Contractors finish up the project

PUBLIC WORKS-Mayor Woods reported that Public Works have been rebuilding the sand shed, He discussed plowing and sanding and explained that hills and the major intersections would get sanded first. One of the public works pickups was involved in a minor collision. Nobody was hurt and the insurance company is investigating the incident.

FIRE DEPT- One fire call this month, was an overheated outlet, there were several calls for burn piles at the beginning of the month that were controlled burns, Ambulance has been pretty slow this month

POLICE- Officer Pfleger presented a written report, also reported that the DUI task force had a meeting and would be providing some training funds as well as 3 new body cameras for the Police department.  He also stated he was looking into some mini traffic grants. Mayor Woods also reported on the new computer system in the sheriff’s office and that soon active 911 will go into effect. He reported that some complaints of dogs running loose is on the rise again and that our officers will be on the lookout for that. Mayor Woods also reported that the PD truck had struck a deer responding to a 911 call so we will have some expense for repairing that vehicle.

COUNCIL- Whitsett asked about public comment during agenda items because it has been brought up several times in the past and Mayor Woods explained that we were still reviewing all of the ordinances and that change would be included when all of the ordinance changes are done. Whitsett also asked if there was an ordinance that allowed the council to dictate the size of the police department and she brought up the subject of background checks on Town employees.

CLERK- The end of December was very busy trying to complete the 2016 Audit, it is now finished.  Clerk is working with Magda Nelson to complete the 2018 AFR and we are making arrangements to complete a financial review as we were randomly selected by the State to have this done for 2018. The Clerk also reported that Nicole Noonan, the auditor, would be at City Hall on January 16th to go over her Audit Report for the 2016 Audit.

LIBRARY- Written report presented by Rube Wrightsman

ZONING COMPLIANCE OFFICER- 1 letter was sent asking for clarification

CHAMBER OF COMMERCE-Sandy Prongua has dispersed the community calendars, Placemat layouts are getting finished up. Any members wanting to join need to see Sandy at Hot Springs Telephone Company. Wrapping up $5000 grant.

ARTIST SOCIETY- is currently in the process of producing the Feb/Mar newsletter, Chinese New Year is coming up in February and there will be an organization meeting at Camas Foods. There will be 9 businesses doing the Bubble Ads this time around



Mayor Woods asked if there was any public comment on agenda items, there was none

OLD BUSINESS- no old business


CRAIG BARFOOT CUTTHROAT PROJECT INFO PRESENTATION- Craig did a slide show presentation explaining the cutthroat population in the Hot Springs area and Hot Springs Creek. He provided pictures of the abandoned city water diversion site for the Town and explained how it hinders fish migration and that he is looking into the possibility of changing it. No council action was taken on this, discussion only


PROPERTY DONATION TO THE TOWN- Lawrence Walchuk is asking to donate 5 acres of property  (the rodeo grounds on Hwy 77) to the Town. Motion to accept donation by Stelter/ Neary seconds 4-0 pass


DEPARTIMENT HEAD APPOINTMENTS-   motion to appoint department heads, Amy Gray as the Town Clerk and Eric Pfleger as the Chief of Police made by Neary/ Stelter seconds 4-0 pass


SEWER PROJECT UPDATE – Mayor Woods gave an update on the sewer project- auger screen not working correctly and we are waiting for a representative from the company that manufacture it to come look at it.  MT underground is asking for substantial completion- Woods is refusing to sign because the auger is not working correctly- project is almost done, there are just a few small problems to be dealt with.


PAY APPLICATION FOR MONTANA UNDERGROUND- Federal government is shut down making it impossible to get the funds to pay at this time. We will need to approve the pay application but payment will still be delayed. Motion to approve pending government funds by Neary/ Whitsett seconds 4-0 pass


MORRISON MAEIRLE INVOICES-  Motion to approve pending government funding by Stelter/Smith seconds  4-0 pass


ZONING ORDINANCE REVIEW UPDATE-  We will have a work session to review the Ordinances for nonconforming use, fences and variances on January 22, 2019 at 6pm at Town Hall.




Margaret Haliburton explained that she was displeased with comments in the previous town council meeting and presented a letter to the town council requesting a written statement from the Town attorney.


Shelly Mitchell shared her opinion on the qualities that make up a good leader and provided a written request for a written statement from the Town attorney


EXECUTIVE SESSION: Mayor Woods called for an executive session at 8:27 pm.


Council and Mayor returned from executive session at 8:40 pm.  He read a written statement from Mr. Morigeau, the town attorney.



ADJOURN   8:45 p.m.  Neary / Stelter  4-0 pass





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