January Minutes


Town Council Meeting

January 2, 2017

Hot Springs Senior Center

Call to Order: Mayor Woods 7:10 p.m.

Roll:       Woods, Smith, Whitsett, Adams, Neary, Gray, McEnery

Others Present: Glen Magera, Stuart Smith

Press: Stephen Sheffield

Citizens Present: Rebecca McClellan, Deanna Peters, Janell Clarke, Maura Williams, John Holman, Charlie Young, Bill Subda, Doug White, Paul Stelter, Tootie Welker, Steve Williams, Jesse Christian, Kurt Cruise, Robin Schrock

Minutes: Move to approve minutes of December 6, 2016 meeting- Smith/Adams 4-0 Pass with addition of discussion about missing letter

Financial Reports: Not available

Claims: Review of Spring Street Auto Care claim, Move to approve claims Smith/Adams 4-0 Pass


Mayor’s Report:

*Request to reduce Sewer bill needs to be documented and approved with request form

*Town will continue to pay for meetings to be held in senior center

Public Works:

*Plowing- trying to keep up with snow


*Officer Smith provided written police report of activity for December

*Sent letters about responding to decay policy


*Neary  – Spoke with county law enforcement, Lanny, in regards to consolidating

coverage with county law enforcement.  Whitsett willing to speak with tribe.

*Woods- Need to follow up and get a meeting with Lanny for more discussion

*Neary- Neary–asked mayor if Variance granted on Charlot Street included exclusive

use of Charlot Street as a private driveway. (Mayor=-NO) He also asked what was the ‘unnecessary hardship’ if the Variance had not been granted.  Mayor stated he would need research

*Whitsett- 1st time council heard about problem of things not being done as discussed

at Decemeber meeting. Woods explained subject was brought to the council in order to

move forward                                 


*Woods- Clerk to do weekly update by email


*Written report provided and read by mayor

Planning Board:

*Public hearing set for January 17, 2017 -7:00 pm. Packets to Mayor and council prior to

meeting. ***** This was cancelled during the course of this meeting.

Zoning Compliance Officer:

*Submitted in writing- 1 application received 1 permit issued

Chamber of Commerce/Artists Society:

*Next meeting the Last Thursday of January Camas Natural Foods for the grand opening

of the restaurant addition

*Community calendars finished and being distributed

*New light over information center by the bank

*Wednesday 1/4 Artist Society meeting at Wall Street Place


*closed for the season

Communications / Public Comment Agenda Items:        

Public Comment:

*Janell Clarke- Background on planning boards, addressed concern of planning board

operating as a zoning commission. Janell claims it is required that a city planning board has 7 members and a city/county zoning commission requires 9. Questioned if we              have a legal planning board

Old Business:

Sewer Project update:

*Written report provided

*Final draft to be submitted to appropriate agencies- construction to begin this spring

New Business:

Resolution 2017-0003R:

*Discussion: Woods explained surplus program

*Moved to authorize Mayor Woods as purchaser   Adams/Neary  4-0 Pass

Removal of Planning Board Member

* Motion made by Neary -“Motion that we have a discussion and if need be to take action to decide whether it’s proper to use deception in order to influence town policy”  seconded by Whitsett


Neary stated that last August, the council was instructed to view a list of properties and

decide which should get a letter detailing a violation of the decay ordinance. Adams- there is a decay ordinance in the book, first list was generated by himself and two town employees, and was then narrowed down. Was supposed to be dealt with by the council. McEnery- December 2015 minutes-mutual agreement and plan- memo with names was given to council only in August and was supposed to be kept private. Whitsett- memo from MeEnery regarding abating community decay. McEnery- purpose of the memo was to inform council. Adams- started complaint by singling people out, at that time it was discussed that we would look at the town as whole. Smith- council discussed it at length that we could not single out individuals and that the council did discuss how to deal with decay.  List was a work in progress and did not need to be distributed

Woods- Need to bring the town together and start working together, town clean up. Find the good in this and move forward and fix some things.

Adams- everyone wants to increase property value, it’s good for everyone

Neary- stated he did not want to increase property value-Neary also referenced a missing document mentioned in the Dec 2016 Council  Meeting. He provided documentation to show witnesses to it being delivered.  He also read MCA 45-7-208 regarding public documents.

Woods- Take action on motion or table it based on next agenda item of dissolution of planning board

Whitsett- Do not table it

Woods-Vote on motion to “remove Councilman Adams and Kathryn McEnery from Hot Springs planning board”  TIE  2-2    Ayes (Neary, Whitsett)      Nays(Smith, Adams)   Mayor Woods withholding his vote at this time


Dissolution of Planning Board:

*Motion made by Neary to dissolve planning board seconded by Whitsett


*Adams- If more members need added to make it a functioning board then that is what should happen

*Whitsett- need to start all over

*Woods- Should not be dissolved, should be refocused and reorganized, and new members should be appointed. Explained MCA rules for membership on planning board

*Janell Clarke- question about planning board type and required members

*Smith- purpose of a planning board

**Amendment by Neary to original motion: Need to spend proper amount of time

examining and documenting the operation and experience of other small towns as

part of consideration of forming our own planning board to allow for

reorganization and to appoint new members.   Whitsett does not second the

amendment – Seconded by Smith


*Woods-reorganize planning board to fit MCA, task them w/ determining what

the planning board is supposed to do, a mission statement, appoint new members. Anyone interested in being a planning board member should submit a letter before the next meeting and members will be decided on at February meeting

Deana Peters stays on planning board as she was appointed by the County.

Amended motion Pass 4-0

*Receipt of Documents


*Woods- Form has been created to document correspondence submitted to

town hall and action that is taken regarding that correspondence. Explained need for Mayor and Council to be able to see all correspondence received.

*Neary- public needs to have some response

*No action taken

*Obtain legal services from County Attorney


*Whitsett- first step in the process and no formal action, discussion to obtain

legal services with county attorney, wants to broaden scope of contingencies.

Also wants background checks for new clerk/treasurer in the future.

*Woods- called and spoke to county attorney and he is not interested

*Magera- will talk to county attorney, but can’t direct him to do it

*Whitsett- explained that she just wanted to initiate a discussion about it so we have laid the foundation for future options

*No action taken

Communication/Public Comment Non-agenda Items:

*Rebecca McClellan- Since when does a town of 300 adults need an attorney?

*Janell Clarke- town should advertise again for attorney

*Janell Clarke- Chinese New Year- Jan 28th, 3p.m. festivities at Barber Shop

*Tootie Welker- Community should have input on decay, and what is town policy

about dogs left out in the cold


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