January Minutes


January 2, 2018

Hot Springs Senior Center

101 Main Street

CALL TO ORDER by Mayor Woods at 7:00 p.m

ROLL CALL Mayor Woods, Paul Stelter, Leslee Smith present. Bob Neary absent, Mary Whitsett absent.

*No quorum with only 2 council members present. Mayor Woods explained that with no quorum there would be no action on town business, continued with reports.

Also present: Clerk Amy Gray, Chief of Police Stuart Smith, Steven Sheffield, Deana Peters


PUBLIC WORKS: Mayor Woods reported that the Public Works crew has been plowing. Beau is new and learning quickly. Stelter reported that he has had a couple complaints brought to him about snow on the sidewalks and that people were clearing the sidewalks and then the plow trucks were putting the snow back on. Woods stated the snow was coming very fast and public works was trying to keep the streets clear while also dealing with some sewer problems. He reported that they had to jet 3 or 4 different lines and that they have found several problems that indicate some annual maintenance was not getting done like it should have been.


FIRE DEPT: Woods reported there were a couple of car crashes with no injuries and the ambulance has been a little busier than last month but not as busy as last year at this time.

POLICE: Officer Smith read his report and provided a copy to the council

LIBRARY: Woods read a written report that was provided by the library. Deana Peters added that she had recently been told the library will accept DVD donations

ZONING COMPLIANCE: 1 application received, pending

CHAMBER OF COMMERCE/ARTIST SOCIETY: Chamber of Commerce is working on the bubble ads, Deanne Hazelton is hosting an Artist Society meeting at her home when she gets back from WA.

OLD BUSINESS: Discussion only- Mayor Woods explained that MT needed money to fund the summer’s fire expenses. Senate and House took money from the TSEP budget so, for now, we have lost that part of the funding for our Water project. He explained that Hot Springs is the first town on the list to receive funding once it comes in. He spoke with TSEP and the engineers and has been advised to continue to move forward with planning. CDBG pays for planning, so we will get “shovel ready” for when the money becomes available. This project includes a new well, backup generator at the well, controls and a generator.

Woods reported on the Sewer project and that it should be ready to go to bid very soon. The engineers will be here tomorrow to go over some things. He explained that he is disagreeing with them on how they are trying to bill the town. There are additional expenses related to going back to bid on this project and he feels that Morrison Maerle as well as the State are in part to blame for the delay in going to bid the first time, which is leading to more expenses. He agrees the town should be responsible for the readvertising and some of the fees but that the 60 hours they are requesting is too much.

Mayor Woods announced we would be having a Special meeting in order to approve claims, minutes and financials for December. A Special meeting will take place Monday, January 8th, 4:00 p.m. at Town Hall.

Meeting ended at 7:20 p.m.


January 8, 2018

Hot Springs Senior Center

101 Main Street

CALL TO ORDER by Mayor Woods at 4:00 p.m

ROLL CALL Mayor Woods, Paul Stelter, Leslee Smith, Bob Neary, Mary Whitsett (Whitsett arrived approx. 5 minutes late)

Also present: Clerk Amy Gray, Dick Adams, Steven Sheffield, Stefan Myton, Janell Clark, Hannah Vinge, Edwin Kasper

Bob Neary spoke first stating that all meetings are required to allow for public comment and that we would allow public comment at this meeting.

APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES Motion made by Leslee Smith to approve the minutes, Seconded by Paul Stelter. Discussion about the minutes included several changes Neary would like to see made to the minutes of the December meeting. Neary read his suggested changes and provided these changes in writing to the clerk. Neary stated and repeated that he would like to talk to the Mayor about the minutes. Mayor Woods called for a motion to approve minutes with the changes. The clerk requested that the council table the approval of the minutes until changes could be made so the council would be able to review the video and the revised minutes and approve the minutes as they will be presented at the next council meeting. A motion was made by Stelter, seconded by Smith to table the minutes until the next meeting. Smith and Stelter voted aye, Neary and Whitsett did not vote, Clerk pointed out that they had not voted. Whitsett commented that a lot of things in the minutes could be restated so they are clear and must reflect the substance of the meeting. Woods stated the minutes will be written right away, sent out to council within a week. Council will suggest all of the corrections they want done and send them back to the clerk. He stated he is tired of every time we come to a meeting we are making changes to the minutes at the meeting. They should be done prior to the meeting. Mayor Woods then stated that council would have a couple of weeks to review the minutes, suggest the changes they would like to see and get them back to the clerk so we are not doing the same thing every meeting. Neary stated he would like to sit down and talk to Mayor Woods about some of these things stating there is much more to it than what has been expressed here and that Mayor Woods is right, this does keep happening. Clerk addressed Neary stating she has approached him about going through the minutes prior to meeting several times and explained that if he had given his changes to her ahead of time the issues could have been addressed prior to the meeting and the minutes could have been presented to council with his changes and would have been ready for council approval. Neary and Whitsett then agreed to table the minutes until the next meeting. Motion for the approval of December minutes tabled until next meeting 4/0 pass

FINANCIAL REPORTS Motion made by Smith, seconded by Stelter to approve the December Financial report. Neary and Whitsett both expressed that they were not ready to approve the financial report as they had just received it and hadn’t had time to review it. Stelter asked the clerk why the council was just now receiving the financial report. The clerk explained that the financial report has to be completed after the last day of the month so it was not able to be completed prior to the council meeting. In addition to timing, there was an error with the tax funds received from the county and the clerk had been working with the county clerk to correct those errors. Also, an incorrect deposit had been made by the State of Montana to the Town’s account for the Rural Fire district which also had to be corrected. There were a few things that held up the completion of the financial report and it was not finished until a few hours before the meeting. Smith asked if there was anything unusual in the financial report. The clerk explained the revenue shown in the cash report showed the tax received, as well as the money received for fire payments including the one that should have gone to the county. The expenditure paid out would include that money being paid back out for the Rural Fire Department. There were no other items in the financial report out of the ordinary and the cash report is balanced.

Woods called for a vote on the motion, Smith and Stelter- ayes, Whitsett and Neary -nays, Mayor Woods voted to break the tie –aye.   Motion pass 3-2


Motion to accept claims made by Smith Seconded by Stelter There was a delay in seconding the motion until Stelter finally seconded it and at which point Stelter asked why Neary and Whitsett don’t like to second or initiate the motion. They both stated they had done so at previous meetings. Smith asked if there are any new claims from the original packet, Clerk explained that there is. Claims that are different from normal claims include a purchase and Reimbursement for officer Martin for uniform allowance, An error on an entry by the clerk for $8.83 should have been $8.86 and was keyed in incorrectly by the clerk and had to run a $.03 claim, Connelly accounting for payment on the AFR (annual financial report). Neary asked about the Wright Express cards showing Loberg on the statement. Woods explained that each card from Wright Express has to be identified with a name but that the name does not mean anything, the card is actually assigned to a vehicle which does not show on the statement. Gray explained that the changes had been made this summer, but has not been updated since Loberg left the Town. Whitsett asked about procedure for an employee going somewhere for town business. Woods explained that we prefer them to take city vehicle and just go. If they take a personal vehicle, we just pay for gas but we do not pay mileage. Woods explained the council has done some things different in the past but the things the he is in charge of, such as public works and the clerk, he requires them to take the town’s vehicle or the town just pays for the fuel. Whitsett also asked about $909 claim for Keith Indreland. Woods explained it was for multiple loads of sand and gravel delivered and it is kept out at the yard for use when we need it. Whitsett also asked about the windowed envelopes for $600 and it was explained by Woods and the clerk that the windowed envelopes are pre-stamped envelopes and are used to send bills, correspondence and checks. Smith asked about Stine electronics and Woods explained it was a one-time purchase for a radio and programming for a fire truck. Whitsett asked about claims relating to the water tank and Woods explained that the water tank may have had ice buildup in it and the roof structure on the tank was damaged. Woods explained there are several repair bills including hydraulic lines on the plow truck and electric motors out at the lagoons. Beau has been doing a lot of the repair work on the city equipment. Approval of claims 4/0 pass



Janell Clarke asked clerk if the claims and statements were public knowledge and if they could be put online. The clerk stated it was public knowledge and is always available in Town Hall. Woods stated several towns do put the claims online and we could put them online as well.

Janell Clarke announced that a letter of protest was circulating related to the most recent municipal election stating that Montana Codes Annotated and Hot Springs ordinances require candidates for office of council member to be residents of the Town of Hot Spring. The letter is regarding Paul Stelter, protesting his swearing in and seating as a council member. The letter requests the Town does not move forward with business as usual until the matter has been clarified with an official determination. A letter was given to the clerk and Janell requested the letter be made part of the public record.

Edwin Kasper spoke that his concern about Paul being on the council is that if he does not live in town, and was allowed to take a seat on the council, a precedent will be set that someone outside of the town could run for mayor and vote.

Motion to adjourn 4:39 p.m.   Neary/Whitsett    4/0 pass






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