February Minutes


February 7, 2017

Hot Springs Senior Center


PRESENT: Woods, Neary, Whitsett, Smith, Adams, Gray

Others present: Stuart Smith

Press: Stephen Sheffield


Citizens present: Lola McDougal, Peggy Ferguson, Debra Gaither, Deanna Peters, Gary Cremer, Isabel Cremer, Michel Holeman, Joel Redlin, Peg Winebrenner, Trudy Wigton, Mike Wigton, Ted Hein, Norah Potts, Deanne Hazleton, Donna Redmond, Charlie Ferguson, Judy Nooorgard, Paul Stelter, Debbie Neustrom, Janell Clarke, Renae Keough, Martin Redhart, David Ronniger, Charlie Young, Bob Woods, Jeannine Woods, Don Woods, Carolyn Woods, Lloyd Redmond, Maura Williams, Liz DeRoche, Debi Newstrom, David Max, John Marshall, Troy DeRoche


APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES FOR JANUARY 3, 2017 MEETING with wording changes to be submitted in writing by Bob Neary Smith/Adams 4-0 pass



Smith/ Adams 4-0 pass


FINANCIAL REPORTS: Approve 12/16 and 1/17 Smith/Adams 4-0 Pass

PRESENTATION OF CLAIMS: Approve claims Smith/Adams 4-0 pass



MAYOR: Attended senate hearing January 17, 2017 in regards to grant money for upcoming wastewater project


PUBLIC WORKS: Plowing snow, freezing temperatures causing a lot of water problems, 1 employee out with an injury, workers comp


FIRE DEPT: 2 structure fires, 4 car crashes, Hot Springs Ambulance services responded to 39 calls in the month of January


POLICE: Written police report provided, Officer Smith attended training in Bozeman, Whitsett asked about Hot Springs having established community service for juveniles, Woods explained that our town does not have an established community service, Councilperson Smith stated she was aware that at times community service can be served with a nonprofit in town.


COUNCIL- nothing to report


CLERK- Audit report received the highest marks, considering outside sourcing for Annual Financial Report for next year, received some information from Jessica Connolly


LIBRARY- Written report provided. Friends of the library fundraiser 2/11/17 8:30-11:30


ZONING COMPLIANCE OFFICER- nothing new, written report provided


PARKS/RECREATION BOARD- Janell Clarke- looking into Main Street Montana, also Woods asked for follow up on money for trail and Janell stated she would follow up with this


CHAMBER OF COMMERCE/ARTIST SOCIETY- Donating $500 to Missoula Children’s Theater, Play will be 2/24/17 2:00 and 6:30. Chamber meeting 12:00 3/2/17 with Homesteader meeting right after that. Artist Society 1st Wed of month is meetings, Missoula Children’s Theater will be selling ice cream and hot dogs at play, Photo show at Wall St Place, working on grant for Summer Arts program, Symes is providing free rooms for the two actors who come for Missoula Children’s Theater


MUSEUM: Norah Potts spoke of need for volunteers from the community for the museum as well as Homesteaders days. Museum provided meals for 75 people at last year’s homesteaders and needs help for cleanup, set up for this year. Museum will open mid-May to 1st weekend in September. Spudfest fundraiser with silent auction 4/23/17. Deanna Peters also commented about need for volunteers at the museum.






SEWER PROJECT UPDATE- Written correspondence provided by Morrison Maerle, phone conference was held on 1/25/17- moving forward towards bid process.




PROPOSED ORDINANCE CHANGE: IMPRISONMENT PENALTY/ VIOLATION –decision to move forward with changing ordinance- strike wording with imprisonment from ordinance Adams/Smith 4-0 pass


PROPOSED ORDINANCE CHANGE: FROM WARDS TO SEATS-strike anywhere that says ward and change to council seat in ordinance     Adams/Neary 4-0 pass


OPEN CONTAINER WAIVER: Approve open container waiver for Cousin’s Montana Bar and Fergie’s Pub for weekend of 2/17/17-2/19/17. Neary/Smith 4-0 pass


PERSONNEL HANDBOOK POLICY ON BACKGROUND CHECKS: add background check to personnel handbook, check with insurance and pull samples from other towns. Whitsett provided information from Profile Inc. for background checks. Motion to add language on background checks to personnel handbook  Whitsett/ Neary 4-0 pass


ANNUAL REIMBURSEMENT FOR FIRE CHIEF: found in audit with no supporting claims, need a resolution for reimbursement. Adams asked if $500 was a sufficient amount, Woods stated it was. Discussion only, no motion


VIDEO RECORDING AS OFFICIAL RECORD OF MEETING: Neary motion to include video recording as part of the official record for meeting. Would require indexing start and finish times of each agenda item, compensation for Stephen Sheffield for time and material cost. Neary/Whitsett 4-0 pass



PUBLIC COMMENT RULES- Adams- needs to have comments in orderly fashion, suggested sign in and identify which agenda item citizen would like to comment on. Woods stated the need to stick with the rules in ordinance book and implement the rules already there. No motion made discussion only.

RECONSIDER VOTE TO CORRECT PROCEDURAL ACTION 1/3/17 MEETING- Table motion Neary. Whitsett 4-0 pass

DECAY ORDINANCE COMPLAINTS: Woods- previous issues with decay ordinance need to be put behind us and need to move on. Complaints to be submitted by affected party, given to police chief to be handled from there. If you don’t like the Police chief’s plan, bring it to council. At this point everyone has complied per Police Chief Smith


HIRING TOWN ATTORNEY: Woods has spoken with three attorneys who expressed interest. 1- has no city court experience and has no desire to learn or do council law only prosecution

2-new attorney, has submitted a letter of interest and resume

3-works for city of Polson, city prosecution experience

Will schedule interview with them

PLANNING BOARD/ZONING COMMISSION/ BOARD OF ADJUSTMENTS: 1977 city/county planning board established. 2015 Ordinance book only has wording of zoning commission and board of adjustments and no planning board.

Woods explained that the purpose of a planning board is to make recommendation to the council; everything still needs to come through the council

Discussion as to whether it should be a city planning board or a city county planning board. Neary-city planning board may be the way to go. . Deane Hazleton asked if there would still be members on city planning board from outside city limits, Deanna Peters and Peg Winebrenner wished to include members outside city limits on city planning board. Ted Hein recommends council obtain advice from professional planner. Woods-need to define what the planning board is for, and create a mission statement. Liz DeRoche –after approval of planning board, need to have an ordinance allowing a planning board as there is currently no planning board in the ordinance. Woods explained the planning board is starting from scratch and moving forward,

Motion to create City Planning board   Smith/Adams     4-0 Pass

Still have zoning commission and board of adjustments



Deana Peters- unhappy about decision to have city planning board instead of city/county planning board

David Max- proud that people came out for the meeting, talked about local radio station 101.9, meeting 13th at Camas rec center

Paul Stelter- Organizational meeting – looking for volunteers at rec center – teachers for adult and child activities, contact Linny at Camas Foods

Ted Hein- should have included county in planning board

ADJOURN: Neary/Smith 4-0 pass 9:13 p.m.




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