December 2016 Minutes

Town Council Meeting

December 6, 2016

Hot Springs Senior Center

Call to Order: Mayor Woods 7:05 p.m.

Roll:       Woods, Smith, Whitsett, Adams, Neary, Lazaro, McEnery

Others Present: Amy Gray, Aaron McConkey (engineer), Stuart Smith, Linda Landrum

Press: Stephen Sheffield

Citizens Present: AnnMarie Walters, Ben Walters,  Jim Beyer, Rebecca McClellan, Billy Peacock, Bruce Bill Buda, Deanna Peters, Janell Clarke, Kurt Cruse, Maura Williams

Minutes: Move to approve minutes of November 1, 2016 meeting- Smith/Adams 4-0 Pass

Financial Reports: None – clerk waiting for County taxes

Claims: Discussion on MARC –explained by Mayor Woods, Review of Spring Street Auto Care claim, Move to approve claims Smith/Adams 4-0 Pass


Mayor’s Report:

*School purchased radar signed, State has issued an encroachment permit and sign is

ready to be installed

*Public Meeting well received, advised citizens to submit topics prior to next meeting to

enable preparation for meeting, next meeting will be scheduled for February 2017.

Public Works: 

*Water and sewer projects, potholes, weather, cleaning ditches, insulating meter pit

Police: Officer Smith provided police report of activity for November

*Noise complaints between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m

*Citizen McClellan asked about police going into school to apprehend a student, officer

Smith explained parent had asked for charges for the crime and explained how

different situations may be handled. McClellan thanked him for his thoroughness


*Neary  – more training for council

*Make video part of permanent meeting records

*Compensation for Stephen Sheffield for video of meeting



*Answered questions about Audit- expecting completion end of December


*Starla is certified to be director

Planning Board:

*Meeting December 7, 2016 to set public hearing

Zoning Compliance Officer:

*Submitted in writing- 1 incomplete application

Chamber of Commerce/Artists Society:

*Smith- discussed highway signs, placemats

*Next meeting the Last Thursday of December at Creekside

*$30 rebate for businesses signing up for Anderson Broadcasting spot

*John Anderson is contact for community calendars by the end of December

*HSAS Joan Navarez –display/new gallery events


*closed for the season

Communications / Public Comment Agenda Items:   

 Public Comment:

 *Deana Peters- thank you to Public Works for filling Potholes

*Janell Clarke – town should hire best qualified person for open positions regardless of

where the person lives, asked about PW not living in town and what happens if they

are unable to get to work to plow when there is a big snow.

Old Business:

Sewer Project update:

*Discussion from Aaron McConkey (engineer) explaining sewer project updates

*Question from McClellan about prerequisite for grants and growth policy

*Janell Clarke asked if there was a need to review current growth policy

New Business:

Discussion: Abandonment of 75’ if town right of way

*Discussion of Pros and Cons -Policy of abandonment and would this set a precedent-Mayor Woods stated town should not give away public property

*Smith questioned what would make a person abide by rules, stated we have procedures in place, and stated town should not give away public property

*Neary provided handout to council

*Stuart Smith stated it was 5 days to move vehicles by state law

*Adams asked Smith what he needed\

*Mayor reminded that this has been 3 years of discussion

*Janell Clark spoke of problems with property owner in question and was informed by Mayor that she cannot be allowed to talk about the people involved.

*Jim Beyer explained that he had offered to buy section of the street and was denied Mayor explained that time we did not want to sell property. Jim also discussed a letter he had written to Council about his aircraft fuselage which will be revisited at January meeting

Snow Plow Policy:

*Work in progress and will need some adjustments. Copies given to Council

Ratify Hiring Clerk-Treasurer:

*Discussion from Whitsett about future policy requiring background check

Move to Hire Amy Gray- Adams/Smith 3-1  Pass

Adams, Smith, Neary- Ayes  Whitsett Nay

Communication/Public Comment Non-agenda Items:

Deanna Peters- Dec 17 Carolling on horseback, solstice weekend, senior center

Janell Clarke- town should pay rent for senior center so town council meeting can be held there

Billy Peacock- 911 police coverage at 3 a.m.-  Woods 120 hours per week police coverage

Other citizens questioned ability to fund for more on call officers and wanted town people to Work together to do this.

Janell Clarke-  asked the council about a letter that was submitted by Roger Wick in response to list of ordinance violations. Woods stated he had not seen the letter and was unable to discuss.  Whitsett and Neary acknowledged seeing the letter but that is hadn’t come to them through town hall. Smith and Adams indicated they had not seen the letter. No comment from clerk or McEnery.