August Minutes


August 7, 2018

7:00 p.m. Hot Springs Senior Center

101 Main Street


CALL TO ORDER 7:02 p.m. by Mayor Woods

ROLL CALL –Present- Mayor Woods, Neary, Smith, Whitsett, Stelter

Also present Clerk Amy Gray, Officer Eric Pfleger, Rub Wrightsman, Steven Sheffield, Dick Adams, Two Elk Standing, Sam Cowles

APPROVAL OF MINUTES- Smith/Neary  4-0 pass

FINANCIAL REPORT – Approve financial reports for June and July Stelter/Neary 4-0 pass

PRESENTATION OF CLAIMS- Smith/ Stelter 4-0 pass


MAYOR- Met with Senator Tester in Thompson Falls, main discussion was infrastructure. Received a phone call today from Testers office regarding Garden Creek fire

PUBLIC WORKS- water-low pressure a few weeks ago due to a control system failure.  It was fixed right away and there will be a second monitoring system installed soon. Public Works crew has been working on street repairs, Sewer project has started, opening in public works department has been filled with Mark DeCouteau

FIRE DEPT has been very busy. 10 fire calls, 4 suspected to be arson

POLICE written report provided and presented by Officer Pfleger

COUNCIL Whitsett asked about judge’s pay (monthly and travel) Mayor Woods explained he received a monthly salary and travel pay if he has to travel to Thompson Falls. Whitsett also asked about PW applicants

CLERK- nothing

LIBRARY- Written report provided and presented by Rube Wrightsman

ZONING COMPLIANCE OFFICER- complained about shed on a property line/leaning on fence.

PARKS/RECREATION BOARD- met with parks and rec board to discuss dinosaur and swings in the park, group seems to be ambitious and good to work with

CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Leslee Smith reported that the Chamber of Commerce recapped homesteaders and is working on the red highway signs

ARTIST SOCIETY Leslee Smith reported that they are working on Fall silent auction plans

Museum- will be open until Labor Day

Community Awareness- Paul Stelter reported there would be a permaculture convergence and barter fair at the rec center in September





WATER PROJECT- Still on hold, will have to go back to legislature and ask for the money again during their next session

SEWER PROJECT- project has started, crews are in town. Mayor Woods asked that any citizen complaints or concerns be brought to Town Hall




Resignation of Matt Pavelich from Police Commission- motion to accept resignation Neary/ Stelter  4-0 pass  Letter of interest to be on the police commission should be submitted to Town Hall


Pay Increase for Public Works Lazaro- Motion to increase Lazaro pay from $13.20/hr to $14/hr   Smith/ Stelter  4-0 pass


Parking on Charlot- Neary is subject of parking issue on Charlot and excused himself form Council table to present as citizen.  No parking on Charlot Street will be made permanent 26 feet from corner along Nearys property as well as from the West Corner of the garage on Bain property to corner where Neary and Bain property meets

Motion to make the no parking zone permanent by Stelter seconded by Whitsett 3-0 pass  Neary abstain from voting due to conflict


Review Preliminary Budget-  Discussion only of preliminary budget




Whitsett spoke about the pronunciation of Street names in Town

Smith spoke about thefts occurring in Town


ADJOURN 8:25 p.m.  Neary / Whitsett  4-0 pass

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