August Minutes


August 1, 2017 7:00 p.m.

Hot Springs Senior Center 101 Main St.


CALL TO ORDER By Mayor Woods 7:03 p.m.

ROLL CALL Randy Woods, Leslee Smith, Mary Whitsett, Bob Neary, Amy Gray present. Dick Adams arrived late during discussion on claims.

OTHERS PRESENT: Police Chief Stuart Smith, Steven Sheffield, Grant Skinner, Bob Woods, Bill Subda, Nina DeCoster, Richard Hermsmeyer, Troy DeRoche, Liz DeRoche, Karen Evans, Janell Clarke, Charlie Young, Donna Redmond , Rebecca Robbins

APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES July minutes approved with corrections

Smith/ Neary 3/0 pass

FINANCIAL REPORTS: none available at the time of the meeting

PRESENTATION OF CLAIMS: Discussion on speed post sign and installation

Smith/Neary pass 4/0


MAYOR: Still working on water/sewer projects, busy summer

PUBLIC WORKS: Employees out on vacation. Have been working on mowing, 2 new water/sewer connections, new meters

FIRE DEPT: no calls

POLICE: Written report provided and read by Stuart Smith. Janel Clarke asked about a disturbance in her neighborhood. Mayor Woods explained that if you call the Town Police Department and nobody answers that you can always call dispatch.

COUNCIL:Neary provided pictures of Still Waters property showing trees growing in the towns right of way. They have been told prior that they could not have trees on town property. There will be follow up to discuss removal of the trees.

Whitsett asked about the board of adjustments and who was on it. Woods explained board of adjustments gets the information and brings it back to the council, and that they only meet as needed and that it has been quite some time since they last met. Unsure who is on the board of adjustments at this time. There will be further research on this.

LIBRARY- Written report provided and read aloud by Liz DeRoche.

ZONING COMPLIANCE OFFICER- 1 application received and 1 permit issued. Request from previous meeting by Paul Stelter has been withdrawn

CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: Meet at noon 8/3 at Camas Bakery

ARTIST SOCIETY:8/2 7:00 Walls St Plaice. Planning for fine arts show that starts the end of August and goes through September

MUSEUM: Swap and Shop on museum grounds may be cancelled, it is up in the air




SEWER PROJECT UPDATE : Bid opening was today, 2 bids, $300,000 over project budget, Woods recommends not to move forward until we a report from the Engineers on the difference.




ENCROACHMENT REQUEST FOR FENCE : Nina DeCoster presented a statement on advice of her legal council and asked that it be included in the minutes as record: “Good evening everyone; On advice of my legal council I would like to make certain that by entering into this discussion I am in no way waiving any of my pre-existing rights, including but not limited to challenging any council decision in a court of law. I ask that this statement be transcribed into the minutes. Thank you Sincerely, Nina E. DeCoster”

Nina discussed the water flow onto the property and the challenges it creates for her to manage her property. She also explained that years ago she had discussed with employees of the town about her fence and the placement of her fence. She claimed that it was discussed at a council meeting, Clerk explained that she had tried to find the minutes that Nina was referring to, but was unable to find them. Woods expressed that he remembered it coming up at the meeting but did not recall the specifics. Adams explained that the ordinance is black and white and that her fence is supposed to be on her property. Smith asked about a survey of lot lines and questioned how the fence helps control the water. Neary explained that this has been a very divisive issue through the town and provided a print out with statute of limitation laws. 27-2-211. Neary made a motion to grant a variance allowing Nina to keep her fence where it is. Seconded by Whitsett. Discussion from Smith on the amount of time that had gone by, lack of records, but felt she would vote for the variance. Call for vote 4/0 to allow variance.



DISCUSSION ON ORDINANCE REVIEW PLAN: Woods explained that every meeting town council and the crowd say we need to change the ordinance and we just need to do it. Neary suggests picking the issues that are going to come up and get people to show up. Smith recommends starting at the beginning and do all of them. Woods explained that some things you could just fly through while others will take some time. Woods will put together a plan and move forward with it in the next couple of weeks.


RESOLUTION 2017-010R- RESOLUTION OF THE TOWN OF HOT SPRINGS TO                                         AWARD THE WASTEWATER SYSTEM IMPROVEMENT PROJECT: Woods stated this will not be discussed at this meeting. The bids came in higher than projected. Will discuss matter further at next council meeting.



Janell Clarke – Permaculture Convergence September 1-3, there will be flyers put out for this event

Grant Skinner- works the dump and explained that there are certain things that the dump charges for dumping.

Liz DeRoche- a list of fees for the dump would be helpful

ADJOURN  Adams/ Neary 8:21 p.m.



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