April Minutes

Town Council Meeting Minutes
April 4, 2017
Following public hearing
Hot Springs Senior Center
CALL TO ORDER 7:10 p.m.
ROLL CALL Present: Woods, Neary, Whitsett, Smith, Gray Absent: Adams
APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES: Smith/Whitsett 3/0 pass with change to wording by Mayor Woods calling for a vote to create city-county planning board
FINANCIAL REPORTS-not available in time for meeting, will submit to council as soon as finished
PRESENTATION OF CLAIMS: Approval of claims Smith/Whitsett 3/0 pass
MAYOR- Town cleanup the end of April and Mid May, MMIA insurance property review was complete today with MMIA rep at Town Hall, Gas tax passed and will provide better tax dollars for our roads and allow for better supplies for road work and repairs, Planning board- we will take the time to determine what happened with the planning board in the past, nothing will be done now until we are able to get more information and get old records organized.

PUBLIC WORKS-high water and flooding causing sewer problems, overflowed sewer in Hot Springs Creek and reported it to proper agencies, pot hole patching was started but Ruben got busy with a broken sewer line and had to replace 80 feet of sewer line, Gravel to be hauled to the worst alleys first and move out from there, L&I inspection- ere here inspecting water and sewer facilities and will send report of their findings, Sierra still out.

FIRE DEPT: 1 timber fire, 1 structure fire, 41 ambulance calls which is a record month for Hot Springs Ambulance

POLICE: Written report submitted

COUNCIL: Neary addressed possible agenda format change, also discussed planning board and that he has questions about a city-county planning board. He stated he agreed with Mayor Woods that we need to investigate and research more and that we need a lot more information before moving forward. Mayor Woods discussed that those living outside city limits pay more for sewer, expressed a need for everyone to get along and that we have a very colorful town and all need to learn to give a little.
Mayor stated that we need to start looking at the zoning as well with an eye towards being less restrictive

CLERK: Online school almost complete

LIBRARY: Written report provided and read by Linda Landrum, she also stated the Head start program is up and going and located in the trailer in the parking lot of the library. Kimberly Brooks has given a written resignation from the library dated 3/31/17

ZONING COMPLIANCE OFFICER-nothing new to report

PARKS/RECREATION BOARD-nothing new to report

CHAMBER OF COMMERCE/ARTIST SOCIETY- Chamber is full blown into Homesteaders planning, vendor apps are available at the phone company and Symes. All musicians are lined up and they are working on pony rides in the park. Artist Society newsletter available and Easter egg hunt at Symes 12:00 Easter Sunday

MUSEUM-Annual fundraiser- spudfest April 23rd, Senior Center along with Silent Auction, Museum is not open for the season yet



SEWER PROJECT UPDATE – Information from Conference call was provided- waiting on one more review to come back, need to provide financial reports to move forward, Final reviews are in process and bid meeting will be advertised once reviews are complete.

ORDINANCES 2017-001, 2017-002, 2017-003, 2017-004 TO REMOVE WORDING
RELATED TO JAIL TIME OR IMPRISONMENT- SECOND READING- Approve second reading   Neary/Smith  3/0 pass

BUDGET LINE CHANGE- Clerk explained that this has been discussed with auditor and the best plan is to change the budget line and expenditure line to reflect in the same place on the reports so it is clear what is in and out of the project fund.   Motion to do budget line item changes   Smith/Whitsett   3/0 pass

DISCUSSION OF THE RUN-OFF AND FLOODING EVENTS IN MARCH- Woods- Make sure all culverts are mapped and cleaned out, create a maintenance plan for doing this on a regular basis, need to reconstruct storm drains and collection systems as some are damage or insufficient, ditch cleaning and open them up on the south side of town, looking at building up alleys and explained that because the properties up behind town are no longer flood irrigating and are not collecting snow melt. Explained that count/FEMA will only help with lived in houses, Flood insurance is available for anyone in town to purchase, Nina thanked Town for cleaning out ditch, states she has water in her alley every year and asks to be involved when the town starts working on the alley and ditch near her property so she can provide insight in to what happens with the water in that area, Whitsett stated that she wondered about the sewer infrastructure and that Mayor Woods has said the system had to handle millions of extra gallons and that she would like to look at preventative measures upstream. Woods explained that the way the sewer works and that the new project will seal up some of the areas that allow infiltration into the sewer. Janell Clark stated this year has been the worst for her property, that there are no culverts or plans for runoff in her area and that she appreciates the cooperation she got from Randy and Ruben

Tabled Smith/Whitsett 3/0 pass


REQUEST FROM CITIZEN TO PLACE CULVERT UNDER ARLEE ST-   Richard Simmons spoke and explained his project and how it affects city properties, has approval from previous meeting for small culvert and is now asking for another culvert across Arlee Street
motion to allow culvert under Arlee Street   Smith/ Neary   3/0 pass


Mayor Woods recommend to follow the lead of the county on this because it is also a county road and they would have the permits and inspections. Motion to allow culvert following county permit process Smith/Neary   3/0 pass



Whitsett- asked where is the crime in town happening and asked if police can give this info in their report

Renee Keough- Blind/guide dog- is asking for people to put the word out to control dogs that are at large because it affects whether she is able to keep a helping dog in town.

Whitsett- stated we have an ordinance regarding dogs at large and asked the police to discuss this with those who have dogs at large

Judy Norgaard- Appreciates Randy’s knowledge and the fact that he is willing to get up in the middle of the night to deal with town problems. Also states she appreciates all of the extra work and time Randy puts in for the town.

David Max- Would like to come to every meeting and would like to be able to give a report from Hot Springs Community Awareness- out of Camas rec center and he has the local radio station. April 22nd fundraiser

Janell Clarke- Easter egg hunt at Towanda Gardens after the Easter Egg hunt at the Symes on Easter Sunday.

Whitsett- Explained that she had made a document request for a document that does not exist. Provided Ordinance number 3.16.010 indicated it should have been created in the past. Woods stated it would be good to have, it does not exist but could be created this year after Fiscal year ends.

ADJOURN   Neary/Smith   3/0 pass   9:17 p.m.

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